Inventory Management & Control System for Apparel Manufacturing Businesses

It is time to take your apparel business to the next level and use more efficient tool for managing and controlling the inventory in your store! Read this article and discover more!

The traditional technique for recording inventory data in the spreadsheets is no longer an efficient tool for organizing and managing the apparel business.

Today, in order to control and manage, the inventory in your store or warehouse, implementing an inventory management system is what you need to do. Most of the apparel business owners are equipped with an ERP system for properly managing the manufacturing business.

In this article, we are going to present you 6 popular ERP systems that include an inventory management software. So, if you are looking for an ERP solution for your apparel business, look no further as now you can use one of these systems:

  • Datatex ERP – This is an ERP solution that has an inventory management module. It is highly recommended.
  • WFX The WXF inventory management system includes these features: multiple websites, real-time view of items received and dispatched across various locations, roll-wise and lot-wise inventory, maintain reorder levels and minimum order quantities critical products.
  • APPS – Inventory Management – This system is developed by Royal Datamatics and some of the most important features this system includes are stock valuation, stock reconciliation, ready stock reports, and soft or hard reservation of raw material stock.
  • BlueCherry ERP – This is probably one of the best solutions for managing an apparel business. This is a product of CGS, which is a company based in the U.S that provides PLM, ERP, and shop floor control solutions for the apparel industry.
  • Kandaree Inventory Management – This system provides a complete multi-store inventory management and control system that maintains stock levels and processes inventory returns, receipts, and adjustments helping you to control and manage the supply chain in order to meet your shipment target.
  • Visual Gems by Optimal Infotech Pvt.Ltd The company that is behind this ERP system is based in Mumbai, India. VisualGems is a highly-recommended ERP solution for small and mid-sized businesses.

Check the official websites of these companies and you will decide better which one of these inventory management and control systems is best for your apparel manufacturing business. If you want to achieve best results, you need to select the right software!

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